Monday, March 7, 2016

What's Makes A Good Headline?

A Headline Should Make the Reader Click!

A word of warning.  The contents of this article are strictly based on my personal opinions, not hours of research, so please read with that in mind.

So anyway, I want to explore a little bit about what makes a good headline for a text ad, or even an email...

I see so many headlines as I read through my emails and view ads on various sites that frankly don't interest me even a little bit.  These fall into the category that I like to refer to as the "out of reach" headlines such as:

You Can Make $5,000 Per Month in the Next 14 Days!

Honestly, I don't even believe that.

The next category that really don't inspire me are the "copied" headlines or subject lines.  These are the ones that are copied right from the "Affiliate" area of  the site you are promoting.  You can see them coming a mile away, because they are word for word like hundreds of other ads you see copied each day.

Now when I write my headlines (and let me say I am not a master at it) I like to think of 2 things:

  1. Would this headline or subject inspire me to click to learn more?
  2. Do I think it will inspire others to click to learn more?
I really think it's that simple.

It's also good to make it a question that the reader has to answer, or is almost forced to answer.  I like something like this...

Are You Looking for the Perfect Sales Opportunity?

I mean, who could answer no to that question?

Well, I hope this helps.

To your success,

Bob Swetz

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