Friday, March 25, 2016

A Great Place to List Your Home Biz for Free

Spotlight on US Biz Find

In my opinion, Affiliate Marketing is not always about sharing a link to grab the next commission, which is why I am starting a new series on free, quality ad sites that I work with.

My first spotlight is on US Biz Find.  They offer free and paid listings on their website so all of us affiliate marketers out there can gain exposure for our sites and home businesses.  After all, that is what it is all about, gaining exposure for what we offer.  I have found these folks are quality people with a quality product.  Again, there are no commissions here, no affiliate links, just a great place to list and advertise your business.

Here is what they have to offer:

Premium Membership : $60/year all features enabled (top of category, home page, featured flag)

Promo membership
Free : users have to renew every 30 days, enhancements are free.  Users must have US Biz Find banner/badge on site for length of time their ad is under this listing type.  Users can create a free account then notate while creating account they are interested in the promo membership.  Users must also give reason why they want the promo membership upon registration.  We'll send them the materials needed and once their listing is active, we'll enable enhancements free of charge.

Free : Users have to renew every 30 days.  enhancements are extra $5/month for Home page, $1 for Featured flag, and $1 for top of category.

Click the banner below to list your business today!

Anyone who would like to be considered for a spotlight blog article, please email me at with your information.  You must be offering a free service (paid options are ok, but there must be quality free options as well.) Also, free does not mean a free book that leads to a joining a paid program.

Happy Easter to all.

To your success,

Bob Swetz

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