Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Making Your Email Ads Attractive

Make Sure Your Emails Look Good!

The content of your Safelist Emails is extremely important.  I would say that is something we can all agree on.  However, from the looks of the thousands of emails I get from Safelists, I am not so sure if folks realize the appearance of their emails is equally important.

We have one brief moment to get someone to click on our ads.  The attractiveness of those ads is an important component in determining whether or not we are going to get that all important click.

Since we don't need to talk about content, it will be easy for me to give a couple examples of what I'm talking about.  Tell me, which email below is more appealing to you?  Believe it or not, even if only in your subconscious mind, the visual appeal will have a substantial impact in triggering what your brain will do next.  Click or Delete.

Email A

Hello Everyone
I Have A Million Dollars to Give Away
If You Would Just Click My Ad

Email B

Hello Everyone,

I Have A Million Dollars to Give Away
If You Would Just Click My Ad

I know this is a simple illustration, but hopefully it gets my point across. The first email is difficult to read and tends to confuse the mind.  In some cases people will even get annoyed or angry looking at this email and delete it immediately.  The second email however, is very pleasing to look at and makes the reader feel confident in the message, thus making the chances of clicking on it much greater.  Make sense?  If you disagree, I would love to hear your comments.

To Your Success,

Bob Swetz

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