Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Good Goals Will Help You Make a Good Plan

Once Your Goals Are Set You Can Make a Plan

Yesterday we talked about setting goals.  I just wanted to do a quick follow up on that topic.

When it comes to setting goals it's a good idea to start at the end.  What I mean by that is to start by setting your long term goals.  When you do this, you can then begin to formulate your action plan as to what steps need to be taken in the short term to reach those goals.

Your action plans then become your short and medium term goals.

Let's just go over a quick example.

If you set as a long term goal to make $1,000 per month by then end of your first year, you begin to formulate your short and mid term plans or goals that will help you to reach your long term objective.

  • Long term goal = Income $1,000 per month in 1 year
  • Thought process = What steps need to be taken in the short and mid term to reach this goal?
  • Advertising = Membership in 60 Safelist Mailers within 6 months, upgrade in 12
  • Advertising = Membership in 12 Traffic Exchanges within 6 months, upgrade in 6
  • Programs = Membership in 3 core income earning programs in 6 month
  • Financial = Upgrade cost of Mailers and TEs $150 per month
  • Financial = Upgrade cost of Income programs = $90 per month
  • Time = Mailing and Surfing start at 2 hours per day, increase to 4 per day by month 6

Ok, this is a pretty simple layout of a plan that is formulated based on your income goal of $1,000 per month and admittedly I have not spent a ton of time mapping this one out.  It is just for illustration. But hopefully you get the idea.

Spending an adequate amount of time planning 
is always time well spent!

One important point I also want to make is that if your long term income goal was to make $100 per month in 1 year, the remainder of your plan would be very much different.

Hope this gives you something to think about.

To your success,

Bob Swetz

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