Friday, March 11, 2016

Make Sure Your Free Gift Offers Value

I Have a Gift For You

I common technique in internet marketing is to offer a free gift to entice prospects to join or sign up for our programs.  The concept is generally works in one of 3 ways...

  1. Get a free gift (usually a PDF download) to join my list
  2. Get a free gift (usually a PDF download) that contains branded links, when clicked will join the reader into my program
  3. Combination of 1 and 2
This concept can be a valuable tool in building your internet business.

Make sure this gift offers value to your prospects!

This is very important as it goes a long way towards building Your Brand and your credibility with your prospects.

The example I like to use is my TripleA Plan which give frequently as a free gift. To be quite up front, this book is packed with links to many of my programs.  If you click on any of them, you will be taken to a sign up page to join that program as part of my downline.

However, if you never join any of my programs from this book, it is packed full of a wealth of information that will help any internet marketer tremendously in building their online business. Honestly, that leaves me with a pretty good feeling knowing I am able to put that in as many hands as possible, whether or not they join any of my programs.

Hope this helps keep you on the right track.

To your success.

Bob Swetz

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