Monday, March 14, 2016

Setting Goals and Weight Training

If You Don't Know Where You are Going
How Will You Get There?

Setting goals is an extremely important part of running a home business.  I learned this lesson at a very unlikely point in my life.

When I attended college at Penn State University I took an elective physical education class, Weight Training! I took this class mostly because I wanted to get into shape.  The very first day, the instructor asked us what our goals were for the class.  Most of the students said things like...

  • I want to get stronger
  • I want to look better
  • I want to lose weight
  • Etc.
The instructor corrected all of us quickly stating that in any activity you MUST have a specific goal. If you do not have a specific goal, you will never know if you get there. So, the goals above would be more appropriately stated as follows...
  • I want to be able to press 200 pounds
  • I want my chest to be 40 inches
  • I want to lose 35 pounds
In internet marketing, we need to set goals for many things such as how much money we want to make, how quickly we want to make it.  Also, we should set goals for our daily activities. Each of us would have our own unique goals of course.  Some examples of goals may be as follows...
  • I will post 50 ads per day
  • I will join 2 new ad sites per day
  • I will post on Facebook each day
  • I will spend $50 per month on advertising
  • I want to make $250 per month in 3 months
  • I want to make $500 per month in 6 months
These are just a few ideas.  I suggest you take a good look at your business and set some goals this this week.  It will help you immensely.

To your success,

Bob Swetz

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