Friday, March 4, 2016

How Would You Rate a 5 Star Ad?

This is My Headline
I Really Want You To 
Click On My Ad

On Leads Leap users have a unique opportunity to have their text ads rated by other users on the system.  This gives everyone an idea as to how effective their ads are.  But as I look at the different ratings on my ads, it makes me wonder, what part of my ads are being rated?  Or is it the whole thing?

Let me explain...

There are really 3 parts to a text ad in most cases.

  1. Headline.  This should be the attention grabber.
  2. Ad Text. This is a little more in depth, but still limited amount of text that should pull the reader into your ad.
  3. Landing Page. This is the page the reader lands on when they click on your ad.
Now my purpose here is not to go into how to structure each part of the ad, that may be for another blog post.  But really, what level of importance is placed on each section.  All I can do is give my opinion on the importance I place.  So...

This is where I could really use some reader feedback folks!

Anyway here's my two cents...

The Headline is what makes me initially click on the ad, so it better be good.  Bad headline, no click. The Ad Text doesn't do too much for me either way, I usually don't read it cause I am in a hurry.  However, I place the most importance on the Landing Page!  If the landing page does not grab my attention in less than 10 seconds and give me a darn good reason to click it, then you have lost me.  Oh, and I better not have to scroll down on the page either.

So there it is.  I would love some feedback on this.

To Your Success,

Bob Swetz

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