Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Don't Go At This Business Alone

What Are You Doing Honey?

How many times have we heard that question from our spouse or friend or significant other?

When I first started this business I'm not sure why I felt the need to "keep it a secret."

Maybe it was because I felt it was difficult to explain to my wife, best friend and son what it was all about and what I was actually doing on my laptop all the time.  That turned out to be a  mistake.

Why?  Well, there was no one to talk to.  No one to share my successes and failures with.  No one to bounce ideas off of.

Once I made the decision to take the time to explain to them what I was actually doing that helped me in 2 ways:

  1. It really helped to clarify in my own mind what I was doing with this business and why.
  2. It gave me a real live support system that I could rely on in times that I needed it most.
So the moral of this story is...

Don't go it alone.  This "thing" that we are all trying to do online called "Internet Marketing" or whatever name you want to give it is a very important endeavor.  No less important than any job we wake up for and hop in the car to drive to every morning.  So be proud of it!

To your success,

Bob Swetz


  1. Very true! Trying to earn some needed extra money online is a lonely job! Having support from your home front is important. Also important is to run your business online joining a TEAM! It's much more fun and saves you a lot of time learning, trial and error because you can benefit from the combined experiences of the team members of what works and what does not! Soon Bob Swetz and I will be starting a new Team Build program/ concept which we consider is the solution for people who want to start earning money online and for those who sofar have produced very few results! So watch out for future news in this Blog!

  2. I love the team concept (obviously) and couldn't ask for a better partner in Wim. Looking forward to the big announcement, hoping for next week! Stay tuned.