Thursday, March 3, 2016

Building Relationships and Friendships

It's A Lonely World Out There!

The internet marketing business can be a pretty lonely world.  We post ads, send emails and try to get new referrals in our business, ad sites, etc.

This is all done to build our businesses, earn commissions in the hopes of earning a solid online income.  This can be a great business which is why there are so many of us out there.

But, it is so much better when we have some friends that we can build our businesses with. Which is why I like to build as many relationships as I can along the way and I recommend you do the same.

Friends can be found on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and in your Downline or Upline in your programs.  I really think it is a great idea to reach out to folks.  Try to learn a little bit about the people you are working with in your business.  Don't just treat them as another commission!

I mean really, wouldn't you do that if you were doing business face to face?

You know what else, the people that I have built relationships and friendships with always turn out to be the best people to work and grow with.

I just want to say to the folks I have met online (and I hope you know who you are) that I appreciate your friendship and am happy to know you.

To your success,

Bob Swetz


  1. Good post Bob. Establishing relations online is extremely important to build a solid home business. The "Overal Anonimity" online makes people forget that all business transactions, both in the brick-and-mortar world and online, in the end always are transactions between people! If you are to buy something, where do you prefer to make the purchase? In a completely unknown shop or with a complete stranger or in the shop you'll know and trust or with a person you know? Your choice..! Oh, and thank you for friendship and being an expert and trusted associate to me!

  2. Wim as always thank you for your comments, they are always right on target. And thank you for your friendship too!