Friday, February 26, 2016

When is the Right Time to Promote an Opportunity?

Why Isn't Anyone Signing Up for Your Program?

It is quite possible you may have come across the best opportunity since sliced bread and are advertising it like crazy but...

No one is singing up and you just don't know why!

Well, that can always be a mystery.  One possible reason is that you are not promoting opportunities at the right time.

I'm not totally sure what the wrong time to promote is, but I can give you some great examples of when the right time just might be.

Generally, a great time to promote is centered around a time when the admin is offering awesome One Time Opportunities (OTOs) or special promotions for holidays, anniversaries, etc.

So here are a couple great examples:
  • A New Launch
    • During a new product launch the admin generally offers great OTOs that are really hard to pass up.  Everyone loves a new launch.  This is a great time to promote and pick up some referrals and probably some commissions.
  • A Site Anniversary
    • During and anniversary the admin usually offers great promotions for new sign ups. Again, a great time to sell the heck out of this site and pick up new referrals and commissions.
Your job is to watch for these opportunities with programs and ad sites you currently own and get your ads ready for when they come along.

Tip:  If you haven't already picked up on my previous tip regarding Conversion Surf and the TripleA Plan, there is a big 4th Anniversary Celebration coming up on Monday February 29th.  Doug Forbes, the Admin will be having promos all week, so this would be a great time to hop in, grab an upgrade and sell this thing like crazy.

To your success,

Bob Swetz

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