Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Loyalty, Teamwork and Downline Builders

Network Marketing only really works when we act as a team and are loyal to one another!

I have found that I have the most success and most growth in this business when I work as a team with others helping them to grow along with me.  

There are many ways to do this.  One way is to be loyal to the program you have entered by working the downline builder in that program.  If you are not familiar with downline builders, most programs have a section where you can enter your referral IDs for other (generally related) programs.  Here, you can join these additional programs under your initial sponsor, and TEAM MEMBER, thus enhancing your relationship and building your team.

Now, it is to your benefit to enter your referral IDs in the downline builder of your programs so that your referrals will go to that page and join these programs under you.

If people are loyal to this process, you begin to build a strong team that you can work together with to build a successful network of programs and everyone benefits.

The moral of the story...

Don't just go joining programs haphazardly!

Be Loyal!

Work with your Team!

And Join Programs from the Downline Builder!

To your success,

Bob Swetz

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