Saturday, February 20, 2016

Don't Waste Free Advertising

Free Advertising is Just Waiting For You...
Don't Waste it!

You may have a ton of free advertising already at your fingertips and not even realize it.  

Every time you join a new safe list mailer or traffic exchange there are 2 things you MUST DO...
  1. Do not forget to enter the PROMO CODES
  2. Do not forget to set up your BANNERS and TEXT ADS
Promo Codes:

Most sites (but not all) offer a promo code to new members just for joining.  You need to find the code and the right place to enter it, which can be a little tricky sometimes. Enter the code and this usually gives you free credits, banners and text ads.

Banners and Text Ads:

Again, most sites have a place for you to set up banners and text ads.  Here you can place ads for your favorite programs and ad sites that you want to promote.  

This stuff is absolutely FREE folks.  You may not get a lot of clicks, but if you have 10 or 20 mailers and TEs with 10 ads on each, that is HUNDREDS of free ads that people are seeing EVERY TIME they log into the site to do their business.

So, the moral of the story today is...

Don't ever waste free advertising.  

We spend enough on this stuff, let's grab the freebies when we can.

To your success,

Bob Swetz


  1. Just another tip to add to this valuable information: always Track your advertising so you know which sources and ads work best. When your tracking shows that a certain source is outperforming the others and you are a FREE member of this, consider opening a new account with this source (new username and email!) and CHECK THE OTO'S when you first login. Many times the OTO'S offer great discounts to UPGRADE! And.... you already know this source works well for you! I hope this helps!

  2. Great advice Wim. However this is very important, if you do open a new account make sure to do it under your original sponsor. Remember my post about loyalty