Friday, February 12, 2016

How to Mail to 90+ Sites In 5 Minutes.

Really, You Can Do it With a Little Help!

So, I am learning viral mailers are a big key to successful promotion.  

I found this site Referral Frenzy that lets you send to 94 mailers at one time. Of course, you don't have to join them all. Also, most of the mailers give you MONTHLY bonuses through Referral Frenzy, so you can pretty much join them for free and only upgrade at a few if you want or just stay free and there is no cost at all.  

To do this Referral Frenzy costs $15 per month, but it is well worth the investment.  I can be a little stingy with my money, but sometimes, you have to spend a little to help grow and advance your business and let me tell you the bonus advertising you receive probably more than pays for the $15 monthly investment.

Listed below is the link for Referral Frenzy as well as some of the mailers I really like there, ones I am getting good results with. Feel free to check out the goods.

Click Here for >> Referral Frenzy

Click below for Mailers>>

To your success,

Bob Swetz


  1. Totally agree with you Bob, email marketing has withstand the test for many years as a very effective tool to promote your home business. But, it's quite a job to send your emails out especially if you have joined a lot of them! But that's in the past now with Viral Frenzy. I certainly will join and start using this program! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks as always for your valuable input Wim. I did forget to mention, that while I have joined many of the Referral Frenzy member sites for free because there is great value in the bonus credits, it still pays to upgrade at at least some of the sites if one can afford the investment. Time is money and there is a lot of clicking involved in opening mail. So, if you can grab some credits with those sites that have affordable upgrades I do recommend it.