Monday, February 8, 2016

Time To Start Tracking Your Ads

Is Your Advertising Getting Results?

It's pretty clear to most that you can't sell anything without advertising  However all the advertising in the world may not be very helpful if we are not tracking the statistics of that advertising.  What I mean by that is what advertising is successful vs. what advertising is essentially a waste of time and perhaps even money?

Now don't getting me wrong, getting the word out about your program, product or service is generally always a good idea, but tracking your ads can provide very useful information such as...

  • What ads are getting the most hits?
  • What ads are actually converting?
  • What squeeze pages are working the best?
  • What ad sites are getting the best results?
  • and so on...

I use as my tracker.  You can also use this service as a rotator, which is a story for another day.  Another good tracker is HitsConnect.  You will also find many of your programs provide free trackers, so find out what works best for you and your budget.

One word of warning.

If you do a lot of advertising with Mailers and Traffic Exchanges, the trackers will show a lot of hits, due to the nature of these sites, which does not necessarily mean you are getting clicks, so just be careful with these stats.

Happy tracking.

To your succcess,

Bob Swetz

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