Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Find Something That Works and Stick With It

Stop Changing Your Mind, It's A Waste of Time!

Ok, I have to admit, this article is perhaps more of a speech to myself as well as an instructional blog to the masses, but here goes.

This applies to advertising, money making programs, online tools like trackers, autoresponders, you name it.  But I am talking mostly about tools.

Find something that works and stick with it!

Let me give you an example or two...

Let's talk about autoresponders. If you are using an autoresponder, you know that it takes a long time to build your list and set up emails.  Especially if you are using an email series in one or more programs.  You could have 10, 20 or more emails, and who knows how many list members.  Then comes along a new program that has a FREE autoresponder included with it.  The question is, should you move all your stuff from that other autoresponder to the new one?  

Well, I suppose that all depends...

The new one may be free, but how much is your time worth?  Is it really worth the time to move all those prospects and emails to the new FREE service.  You be the judge, but remember, time is money.

Another example and a BIGGIE is trackers.  I have had been using a tracker for a while now and decided to switch.  Do you have any idea how many links I have all over the internet from that tracker???

This is a monumental task finding all of the places I now have to go to change out my links to the new tracking system I have switched to.  Do I regret making the switch?  Probably not, in this case, I have good reason as I am changing to a new platform at Leads Leap.  But, it is a daunting task to make the change and one that should be done with careful consideration.

Let me tell you it will be the last time I ever change trackers!

So, just remember.  There are great tools, programs and the like.  Find what works and stick with it. If you need to make a switch, make sure the pros outweigh the cons!

To your success,

Bob Swetz

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  1. For sure this is true! Think before you act. Act when you're sure!

    Leads Leap offers a great tracker which not only tracks the number of visitors to your site, they also track how long they are on your site and present detailed information about this. Unfortunately they do not track how many people filled in and submitted the opt in on the site, but rumors have it that they will be working on this soon (?).

    Wim van der Donk
    Plugin Homebiz Site