Friday, February 19, 2016

Persistence, Upline and Finding a Partner

How Are You Progressing in Your 

Home Based Network Marketing Business?

For many in this business, progress can be a very slow road.  We join programs, post ads, it seems like we are doing all the right things and NOTHING HAPPENS!

This can be very discouraging.  The best advice I can give is to forge onward!

BUT, do not move forward without a plan!  So, how do you get the right plan you ask?

Well, most programs you join must be joined from an upline sponsor, correct?  I cannot stress enough the importance of connecting with your upline to find out what they are doing to succeed.  If you have a trustworthy and reputable sponsor, they will help you!  Work with them, find out what they are doing and listen to them.

If that fails, or if they are unwilling to work with you, sometimes you can go a level above.

If that fails, you can look on Facebook.  Find someone who is successful and is willing to work with others.

The bottom line is there are honest, hardworking, successful marketers out there who are willing and able to partner with others.  These are people you want to PARTNER with in your networking business.  Let them guide you and help you formulate a plan.

Then follow that plan religiously day after day and DO NOT STOP until you SUCCEED!

To your success,

Bob Swetz

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  1. The fact that over 95% of new home businesses fail has a lot to do with the fact that so many up line sponsors are not helpful and willing to work with their down lines to make them successful as well.

    It seems too many are only interested in the money in their down line's pockets and once joined they leave them and go looking for their next "victim".

    Not only is this a SHAME for the whole ONLINE NETWORKING BUSINESS, it also is VERY SHORT SIGHTED of these up line sponsors! How do they expect to become successful if their down line members are not?

    What will happen is that these down lines sooner or later will drop the program and drain the profits of their up line sponsor!

    Each Up line Sponsor must be aware that THEIR SUCCESS DEPENDS ON THE SUCCESS OF THEIR DOWNLINES and not turn their back to them!